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about minimum

minimum was founded in 1997 as a retail store in the city of aarhus in denmark but quickly developed into an independent brand. in 1999 minimum launched its first male collection and in 2007 the brand expanded its potential by introducing a female collection.

today minimum consists of a dedicated team of more than 70 employees with a steady drive, informal tone and a great appreciation of the daily work that they’re carrying out. the headquarter of minimum is located in an old shipyard that has been repurposed into an authentic and open office environment at the industrial habour of aarhus.


social responsibility at minimum a/s

at minimum we believe that the success of our business cannot be at the expense of humans, animals or the environment. moreover, it’s important to us that our employees are part of a healthy working environment which is why their well-being is our top priority. we are determined to take proactive actions that secure a responsible way of doing business in all aspects and we actively communicate these principles to our business partners and associates.


minimum a/s
balticagade 16, hal 3&4
8000 aarhus c
+ 45 7025 0531

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the young entrepreneur peder tang opens a small retail shop named minimum. the shop opens in the center of peder’s hometown aarhus, denmark.

a couple of guys join tang in the minimum family, and together they establish minimum as an independent clothing label and launch the first minimum collection. this collection is a pure male collection.

minimum expands the brand with a female line, and the first female collection is launched.

minimum headquarters outgrows the old office space and moves to a new and bigger location at the old industrial port in aarhus. today the young danish entrepreneurs who started minimum still form the core of the organisation. however, the minimum family has gradually grown and today consists of more than 70 dedicated individuals, who all work hard to ensure that minimum is a leading clothing brand on the market and a favourite with customers.